About Us

Dear Sirs

            LAKO Company present, its best greetings to your esteemed office, we are importers and exporters of all kinds of food stuff to Asian neighboring countries, Turkey…

Our company is located in Sulaymania city Kurdistan Region Iraq, we deal and supply to all 18 Iraqi Governorates.

The Lako group has started it business life starting from 1990 as a local company and has accelerated its advancement with Lako for foodstuff mill for cleaning and separation of agricultural products. Lako Company has established itself with time, and established establishment of AGM for legumes (beans) which is considered as modern packaging factory in order to fulfill the needs of customers more effectively and promptly. Soon, the company turned into a group of companies. Lako which is symbol of the group signifies trust, accuracy and

courage which is the mission of the Lako group of companies and has launched  with the principle of ‘’ Respecting Human being’’ as the base, quickly has entered foodstuff sector with two trademarks ( Chawtan, Chalax, Bany Xela, Lako, Alban, Marhabban and Meer Haj) and they got a great rank within a short period of time through its quality and effective solutions offering clients.

We are main importers with our private agencies from different international resources is Turkey, Italy, Indonesia, China, India , Sri Lanka, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia.

The products that we distribute are:-

Basmati Rice (first class), Fine Round Rice, Jasmine Perfumed Rice from Thailand, All types of Luxury Ceylon Tea, Vegetable Cocking Oil (GHEE), Un Vegetable Cocking Oil, Chick peas, Sugar, Tomato paste, Corn and all types of Cleaning Stuff.

We are ready to supply Companies, Restaurants, Officials and Simi officials Directories, Military Camps Defense and Ministry of Interior also food stuff markets, Malls, whole sale merchants and individuals.

For insurance quality we delighted to inform you that our Trademarks are registered officially under LAKO company name all over Iraq.

The following are our Trademarks with their resources.

1-     1121 Sella Basmati Parboiled Creamy Rice Trademark (CHAWTAN) INDIA.

2-     1121 Sella Basmati Parboiled Creamy  Trademark (CHALAX) INDIA.

3-     1121 Sella Basmati Parboiled Creamy  Trademark (BANY XELAN) INDIA.

4-     1121 Sella Basmati Parboiled Creamy  Trademark (LAKO) INDIA.

5-     1121 Sella Basmati Parboiled Creamy  Trademark (MARHABAAN) INDIA.

6-     1121 Sella Basmati Parboiled Creamy  Trademark (MEER HAJ) INDIA.

7-     White Camolino Round Rice Trademark (CHAWTAN) ITALY.

8-     White Camolino Round RiceTrademark (CHALAX) ITALY.  

9-     White Camolino Round Rice Trademark (BANY XELAN) ITALY .

10-     Fine Round Rice Trademark (CHAWTAN) BULGARIA, RUSIA and SPAIN.

11-    Fine Round Rice Trademark (CHALAX) BULGARIA, RUSIA and SPAIN.                         

12-     Fine Round Rice Trademark (CHAWTAN , CHALAX) CHINA.

13-     Chickpeas Trademark (LAKO) MEXICO.

14-     Beans Trademark (CHALAX , CHAWTAN) MEXICO.

15-      Chickpeas Trademark (CHAWTAN , CHALAX , BANY XELAN) INDIA.

16-     Beans Trademark (CHALAX , CHAWTAN) TURKEY , CHAINA .

17-     Rough and Fine White Beans (China, Turkey, Spanish, Argentina) Trademark (CHAWTAN).

18-     Rough and Fine White Beans (China, Turkey, Spanish, Argentina) Trademark (CHALAX).

19-     Ceylon Fine and Perfumed Tea Trademark (LAKO).

20-     Ceylon Black Tea Trademark (LAKO).

21-     Ceylon Pure and Perfumed Tea Trademark (CHAWTAN).

22-     Ceylon Black Tea Trademark (CHAWTAN).

23-     Jasmine Fragrant Rice 100% (CHAWTAN) THAILAND .

24-     Jasmine Fragrant Rice 100% (CHALAX) THAILAND .

25-     Red lentils (CHAWTAN) TURKEY .

26-     Red lentils (CHALAX) TURKEY .

27-     Alban milk(Holand).


Our Brands

4 copy of trading mark: - Chawtan, Chalax, BanyXelan, Lako
-          Ministry of Trading and Industry/General Directorate of for the above purpose… with regards.
-          Ministry of Trading and Industry/General Directorate of finance and administration affairs/legal information…with regards.
-          Ministry of Trading and Industry/General Directorate of Companies Registration/for information…with regards
-          Sulaymani governorate/General Directorate of Administration/for the above purpose…with regards…
-          General Security Directorate/Economical Security Directorate/ for your information…please
-          Directorate of Trading Examination/for your information…please
-          United of Trading and Industry Chambers of Kurdistan Region/for your information…please
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-          Importers and Exporters Association of Kurdistan Region/for your information...please
-          Technical Directorate/department of trading mark with primaries…please
On the light mark law and trading efficiency No: 21 for year 1957 the amended.
Appendix is (4) four copy of the registered trading mark special to (Lako company for general trading limited private company).  We will send you this for necessary works and informing the related sides that the said company is the unique party that has the right to use this mark in Iraq .
   With regards…

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